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  • 2 cl Monologue gin
  • 2 cl Freshly squezed white grape juice
  • 1 cl extra dry Martini
  • splash of lemon juice


Pour martini, gin and freshly squeezed grape juice into a shaker. Add a splash of lemon juice and shake thoroughly. Pour into a cocktail glass with some ice and garnish with fresh grapes and a sprig of rosemary.

The recipe was prepared by Kristina Požun, a student at the Bled College of Hospitality, Wellness, and Tourism.

Monologue gin

In the words of nature

Homage to the landscape between the Alps and the Adriatic.

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Dry bitter tonic

Our answer to nature's monologue

A delicate blend with natural quinine.

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Mediterranean tonic

Seducing with its purity

Gentle notes of lime, lemon, and rosemary reveal its natural origin.

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Monologue gin
Dry Bitter Tonic
Mediterranean tonic